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FutureSafe AI

“Protecting Future Generations with Intelligent Insights”

Our goal as parents is to ensure that our children do not face negative experiences and potentially the same traumas we experienced. We want them to grow into quality, successful members of society, a society that knows no violence but peace and humility. Imagine a society where violence does not exist, and every person is educated, empathetic, and has a clear vision.

What if there was an AI program that analysed potential parents before conception to identify possible risks for society? This system could help parents and doctors make informed decisions regarding future pregnancies and conception. What if there was a program that evaluated how… Imagine a society that knows no violence and is not divided into castes. A society where everyone is successful, happy, and content. Thanks to the FutureSafe AI program, we are creating a better world, made up only of people who are beneficial to society. Our program evaluates not only DNA but also.



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Future Scenarios, Design Fiction,Critical Design, Ethnographic Extrapolation, Prototyping the Future

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Speculative Designer

Design fiction

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